Here is a sampling of my original artworks and many more are posted at the link below - enjoy!:

Musical Marble by Dr. Markison
Dr. Markison flameworking a one-of-a-kind borosilicate glass marble.

Dr. Markison flameworking a borosilicate glass marble.

Hibiscus; 3D Light responsive painting by Dr. Markison
Turtle; borosilicate glass mini-sculpture by Dr. Markison
Shell Trumpet; by Dr. Markison
Turtle; micro-engraving by Dr. Markison
Autumn Drops; acrylics by Dr. Markison
Handmade Beads for My Wife; borosilicate glass by Dr. Markison
Dwarf Porcupine; scratchboard and acrylics by Dr. Markison
Musical Cufflinks and Studs; glass enamel on silver by Dr. Markison
Hummer and Flower; borosilicate glass mini-sculpture by Dr. Markison

"3 Daughters"; Cubic Zirconia/Borosilicate Glass Implosion Marble by Dr. Markison

Spring Buds and Blossoms; borosilicate sculptures with "inner micro-paintings" by Dr. Markison

Moonglow Blossom; borosilicate glass sculpture by Dr. Markison

Additonal Markison artworks and photographs posted here:

View and listen to Markison multi-instrumental music/original compositions sampler here:

View hummingbird glass sculpting video here:

View Moonglow Blossom glass sculpting video and listen to Markison jazz clarinet here: