Hot News: By popular demand, I'm writing and generously illustrating some eBooks full of information and inspiration. Stay tuned.

EBook titles will include:


A Surgeon's Advice for Healing


How Doctors Think




Common and Serious Drug Side Effects


Parchment Power Cookbook


Your Creative Fire


Fluent Art and Craft


Diet for Healing


Tips for Injured Workers


How to Teach Yourself Almost Anything


Secrets for Sweet Dreams and Restorative Sleep


Encouraging Childrens' Creativity



Here is a sampling of my original artworks and many more are posted at the link below - enjoy!:

Musical Marble by Dr. Markison
Dr. Markison flameworking a one-of-a-kind borosilicate glass marble.

Dr. Markison flameworking a borosilicate glass marble.

Hibiscus; 3D Light responsive painting by Dr. Markison
Turtle; borosilicate glass mini-sculpture by Dr. Markison
Shell Trumpet; by Dr. Markison
Turtle; micro-engraving by Dr. Markison
Autumn Drops; acrylics by Dr. Markison
Handmade Beads for My Wife; borosilicate glass by Dr. Markison
Dwarf Porcupine; scratchboard and acrylics by Dr. Markison
Musical Cufflinks and Studs; glass enamel on silver by Dr. Markison
Hummer and Flower; borosilicate glass mini-sculpture by Dr. Markison

"3 Daughters"; Cubic Zirconia/Borosilicate Glass Implosion Marble by Dr. Markison

Spring Buds and Blossoms; borosilicate sculptures with "inner micro-paintings" by Dr. Markison

Moonglow Blossom; borosilicate glass sculpture by Dr. Markison

Additonal Markison artworks and photographs posted here:

View and listen to Markison multi-instrumental music/original compositions sampler here:

View hummingbird glass sculpting video here:

View Moonglow Blossom glass sculpting video and listen to Markison jazz clarinet here: